Our repeatable, outcome-driven planning process addresses all the key elements in your business growth and success. It starts with a set of key metrics that reveal patterns in your company’s financial, market, and operating performance. We then work with you and your team to craft a strategic plan for accelerating growth from your core business as well as from new markets, customers, and product innovations. 

Together, we translate that plan into clear action priorities, taking steps to engage stakeholders and increase accountability. We also establish a results-oriented system for management team meetings—one that shifts them from status reporting to focused problem-solving and decision-making. Finally, we make sure your company has the talent and capabilities it will need to execute on your plans. 

You will come away with the mindset, the skills, and the tools you need to think and act strategically every day. You will also gain a framework for renewing your plans and re-building momentum in the years to come. 

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Our work with Juli enabled me to see the big picture, develop a strategy, and execute on it. As a result, our growth has been more organized and planned. What’s more, we now have the processes to achieve the next round.
— Celeste Gudas, CEO & Founder, 24 Seven Inc.