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Growth & Scale

When young companies enter the marketplace with a new product or service, they often experience an initial surge of revenue growth. Almost inevitably, that steep growth curve flattens over time. The company may run into turbulence due to a maturing market or a crop of new competitors. Just as commonly, it may lack the core processes, the talent, or the management disciplines required to scale the business. The firm’s leaders then find themselves at a critical inflection point — one where they must either take decisive steps to reinvigorate and grow their business, or see it slide into a downward spiral. 

Corporate leaders can rarely escape this archetypal growth pattern. But you can plan for it and use that process to lift your business into a new growth phase. 

Juli helped us build and capitalize on the repeatable franchise model that is the foundation of BrightStar Care. By guiding us at a critical time, she enabled us to continue growing rapidly and profitably.
— Shelly Sun, CEO and Co-Founder, BrightStar Care